What's Included in this Offer?

What's Included in the Coursework?

Over 28 hours of online learning + 12hr Live Virtual Implementation Weekend

  • Online Course + Live Virtual Training

    Utilizing several teaching styles for diverse learners, you'll work through 23 presentations, lectures and video trainings. After completing the self-paced content, you'll attend a 12hr live virtual implementation weekend to put all the pieces together.

  • Exercise Demonstration Videos

    With over 40 demonstration and tutorial videos, we've included a full library of all of the exercise progressions and regressions to help lock in the concepts for easy implementation.

  • White Board Wrap-Ups

    Our white board wrap-up videos help to explain and simplify difficult concepts, making sure you are focusing on the most important aspects to be able to implement this training into your patient care.

  • Biomechanics of Exercise Course

    With this special year-end offer, you'll not only get the full Rehab to Fitness certification program, you'll get immediate access to the Biomechanics of Exercise 3hr online course.


All ticket options include the 12hr virtual implementation weekend + 25hr Rehab to Fitness online course + 3hrs Biomechanics of Exercise. 40 hrs of learning for one low price. All prices are 15% off.


Continuing education credit, CCUs and CPD are available for the following professions. For specific questions, email us at events@sports-seminars.com.

  • Chiropractors - up to 25 CEU hours (self-paced) + 12 live CEU hours in all states that accept PACE.

  • Physical Therapists/PTAs - up to 25 contact hours (self-paced) + 12 live contact hours in the following states: AL, AZ, GA, IA, ID, MA, MI, MO, NE, ND, OR, RI, SD, UT, WA, and WI

Here's what our students have to say:

Bridges the gap between rehab and fitness

Jacob Stoffel, DC

"A fantastic course to take, helps bridge the gap between rehab and fitness very well. the instructor was fantastic and personable, and the feedback we offered was received very graciously you can definitely tell they want to be the best out there. I'll be taking this course if it comes around again for sure. if you want to help reduce the risk of injury after or during rehab take this course!"

This program gives you everything you need to incorporate fitness into your practice to get the best outcomes for your patients.

Jasmine Brown, DC

"Dr. Tom Teter's Rehab to Fitness course is solid. He lays out a step by step systematic approach on how to transition patients from pain to functional fitness. He has thought through every phase of this course. He makes the info simple to follow and easy to digest so you can implement these processes in your practice immediately. This program gives you everything you need to incorporate fitness into your practice to get the best outcomes for your patients. Seriously, there are no gaps in this program. Don't overthink it, take the course!"

A system that is consistent, reliable and reproducible

Eric Phillips, DC

"I truly enjoyed Dr. Teter’s Rehab to Fitness course. The course helped to bridge the gap from assessment —> rehab —> fitness and even overall health management with a system that is consistent, reliable and reproducible. I’m excited to integrate everything I learned and make a difference in our community and for the profession."