What is Quadrant Analysis?

Between "pop and pray" and diagnostic based treatments, there exists a vast clinical gray area where most of our patient care lives. Quadrant Analysis helps you navigate that space.Quadrant Analysis combines a subclassification system with practical biomechanics. 

It simplifies patient assessment, breaking the body down into traceable patterns which practitioners can utilize to build successful treatment approaches.

Course Blueprint

  • 4 Course Modules

    Learn through a series of presentations, recorded lectures and demonstration videos.

  • 6 Contact Hours

    This course offers up to 6 CE hours in virtual, on-demand learning. Please see the CE Approvals page for specific states and professions.

  • Who Can Take This Course?

    This course is open to healthcare providers (and students enrolled in the related degree programs) who can assess and render a diagnosis as part of their scope of practice.

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Course curriculum

    1. Copy of How to use this course

    2. What is Quadrant Analysis?

    3. Copy of Course Disclaimer (REQUIRED)

    1. About this Section

    2. Abdominal Subclassification

    3. Anterior Neck

    4. Supplemental Material Packet

    5. Quadrant Analysis Reference List

    6. Tension Point Addendum

    7. QA Assessment Form

    8. Diet and Abdominal Considerations

    9. Pattern Joint Restriction Form

    1. Intro to Quadrant Analysis - Part 1 The Beginning

    2. Intro to Quadrant Analysis Part 2 - Intro to Terminology

    3. Introduction to QA Analysis Part 3 - Subclassifications

    4. Introduction to QA Analysis Part 4 - Broad Concepts

    5. Introduction to Quadrant Analysis Part 5 - Broad Concepts Cont.

    6. Module 1 Quiz

    1. Supplemental Packet

    2. Pattern Breaks

    3. Hypermobility

    4. Module 2 Quiz

    5. Explaining Short and Long

    1. Abdominal Classification (Video Lecture)

    2. Diet and Abdominal Classification

    3. Motor Control Video Lecture

    4. QA Functional Diagnosis: A Quick Take on Subclassification

    5. Subclassification Infographic PDF

    6. Module 3 Quiz

    1. Evaluation and Treatment Part 1

    2. Patter Based Joint Restrictions

    3. Module 4 Quiz

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