Do you address pelvic floor function in your practice?

Most practitioners completely dismiss this muscle group when treating patients and designing rehab protocols. Why? Because they lack understanding or they assume it is only a pregnancy-related issue. In reality, all ages and genders can experience pelvic floor dysfunction.

Course curriculum

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    Getting Started

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    Breathing for the Pelvic Floor

    • Breathing for the Pelvic Floor (Presentation Slides)

    • Breathing for the Pelvic Floor (Presentation Lecture)

    • Video Demonstration - 360 Breathing

    • Quiz 1: Breathing for the Pelvic Floor

  • 3

    Pelvic Floor and Kegel Dynamics

    • Read Through This First: Pelvic Floor and Kegel Dynamics (Presentation Slides)

    • Pelvic Floor and Kegel Dynamics (Presentation Lecture)

    • Video Demonstration - Transverse Abdominus Muscle Assessment

    • Video Demonstration - Pelvic Floor Assessment

    • Quiz 3: Pelvic Floor and Kegel Dynamics

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    Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation and Movement

    • Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation and Movement (Presentation Slides)

    • Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation and Movement (Presentation Lecture)

    • Video Demonstration - Self Myofascial Release

    • Video Demonstration - Quadruped Plank

    • Video Demonstration - Chair Rotation with Breath

    • Video Demonstration - Hip Bridge with Pelvic Tilt

    • Video Demonstration - Pelvic Floor Release

    • Quiz 2: Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation and Movement

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    Post-Course Assessment *Required*

    • Post-Course Assessment

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    Supplemental Materials

    • AIM Muscle Sheet Download (Excel File)

    • Pelvic Floor Charts Download (Excel File)

Here's What You'll Learn

From the fundamental anatomy and physiology of the pelvic floor to biomechanics, assessments and myofascial release, this course will equip practitioners to treat dysfunctions of the pelvic floor in a variety of patient populations.

  • Breathing for the pelvic floor, including breathing assessment, patient education and programming

  • Pelvic Floor rehabilitation and movement including antagonistic muscle relationships, movements to avoid when there are pelvic floor issues, when to refer out and how to design rehab protocols for the pelvic floor

  • Kegal Dynamics, including understanding the musculature layers of the pelvic floor, myofascial release and kegal exercise, patient education for correct kegal exercise and pelvic floor healing complications

Course Instructor

Kelsy DeMelo, DC

Doctor Kelsy DeMelo is a graduate of Texas Chiropractic College.  As a student at Texas Chiropractic College she excelled as a teaching assistant in the Department of Anatomical Sciences. Prior to Chiropractic College, Dr. Kelsy graduated from Simmons College in Boston, MA with a Bachelors in Science, majoring in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition. Dr. Kelsy has worked at New York University in cardiovascular research. She has also worked as a health and fitness coach at Equinox, providing group and individual fitness training to a a wide spectrum of clientele.  Dr. Kelsy aspires to continue her specialization in the fields of Pre and Post-natal Women's Health, Nutrition, and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation. She is currently working towards the Herman and Wallace pelvic floor therapy certification, and is offering both virtual and home care services. In her spare time, Dr. Kelsy is also a nationally qualified Figure and Bikini competitor with the National Physique Committee. Her previous passions were marathon running and classical ballet.  

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