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  • 16 Course Modules

    Experience the FAKTR PNE online course through videos, recorded lectures, presentations and demonstration tutorials.

  • 8 Contact Hours

    This course offers up to 8 CE hours in virtual, on-demand learning. Please see the CE Approvals page for specific states and professions.

  • Who Can Take This Course?

    This FAKTR course offering is applicable for any healthcare provider or student that is eligible to perform an assessment and examination or perform soft tissue treatments under the supervision of a qualified healthcare professional.

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Course curriculum

    1. How to Navigate the Online Course Platform

    2. Course Disclaimer {Required - General}

    3. Copy of Course Disclaimer {Required}

    1. Presentation: An Introduction to FAKTR PNE

    2. Presentation Lecture: Introduction to FAKTR PNE

    3. Presentation: Differential Diagnosis

    4. Presentation Lecture: Differential Diagnosis and Examination

    1. Presentation: Entrapments of the Median Nerve

    2. Presentation Lecture: Median Nerve

    3. Lab 1 - Median Nerve

    1. Presentation: Entrapments from Ulnar Nerve

    2. Presentation Lecture: Entrapments of the Ulnar Nerve

    3. Lab: Ulnar Nerve Entrapments

    1. Presentation: Radial Nerve Entrapments

    2. Presentation Lecture: Radial Nerve Entrapments

    3. Lab: Radial Nerve Entrapments

    4. Lab Demonstration: Radial Nerve Flossing

    5. Quiz: Modules 1-4

    1. Presentation: Upper Arm Peripheral Nerve Entrapments

    2. Presentation Lecture: Nerve Entrapments of the Upper Arm

    3. Lab: Nerve Entrapments of the Upper Arm

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