FAKTR: Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehabilitation

Learn a Comprehensive Rehab System

Discover a new approach to addressing musculoskeletal pain and injury that follows a proven framework through the full continuum of care. From assessment to discharge, you'll learn how to combine manual therapy with exercise for maximum efficiency and effectiveness, adding a systematic approach to patient care.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Course!

    • How to use this Course: Hands-On Learning in a Virtual Environment

    • How to Navigate the Online Course Platform

    • Course Disclaimer {Required}

  • 2

    Additional Resources

    • FAKTR Didactic Presentation Notes (Downloadable PDF)

    • FAKTR for the Cervical Spine Notes (Downloadable PDF)

    • FAKTR for the Elbow Notes (Downloadable PDF)

    • FAKTR for the Wrist and Hand (Downloadable PDF)

    • FAKTR Didactic Presentation Notes (Downloadable PDF)

    • FAKTR for the Hip Knee and Thigh (Downloadable PDF)

    • FAKTR for the Lower Leg Ankle and Foot (Downloadable PDF)

    • FAKTR for the Lumbar Pelvis and Torso (Downloadable PDF)

    • Rehab Tools for Use with FAKTR (from the archive)

    • FAKTR for the Shoulder Notes (Downloadable PDF)

    • FAKTR Rehab Tools - Presentation Notes

    • Products Used with FAKTR

  • 3

    Getting Started with FAKTR

    • Introduction to FAKTR with Dr. Tom Hyde (from the archives)

    • FAKTR Didactic Lecture with Dr. Todd Riddle

    • FAKTR Fundamentals - Introduction to IASTM and Demos with Dr. Tom Hyde

    • Introduction to Joint Compression Flossing

    • Introduction to Cupping

    • Introduction to Wobble Bar Training

  • 4

    FAKTR Assessments: Cervical Spine

    • FAKTR for the Cervical Spine (Recommended Reading)

    • Intro to Cervical Spine and Assessment

    • Cervical Assessments: Toothpick Test

    • Cervical Assessment: Neck Coordination Test

    • Orthopedic Testing Clusters - An Introduction

    • Cervical Orthopedic Testing Clusters

  • 5

    FAKTR Treatment: Cervical Spine

    • Static: Cervical Spine

    • Motion: Cervical Spine

    • Resistance: Cervical Spine

    • Function: Cervical Spine

    • Function: Cervical Spine Volleyball

    • Proprioception with Wobble Bar: Cervical Spine

    • Proprioception with Theraband: Cervical Spine

  • 6

    FAKTR Demonstrations from the Archive: Cervical Spine

    • Chin tuck with resistance

    • Deep Neck Flexors theraband

    • Looking in Blind Spot

    • Intro to TMJ Treatment

    • TMJ Treatment

    • CS Assisted ROM

    • CS AROM flex ext

    • CS chin tuck side view

    • CS chin tuck

    • CS Facet AROM

    • CS Flexion

    • CS Rotation Position

    • CS Rotation Theraband

    • CS Side Flexion Position

    • CT Typing

  • 7

    Biomechanical Taping for the Cervical Spine

    • Dynamic Tape Properties

    • Dynamic Tape Preparation

    • Dynamic Tape Application and Removal

    • How to Handle Dynamic Tape

    • Cervical Offload Tape Application

  • 8

    FAKTR Assessments: Shoulder Complex

    • FAKTR for the Shoulder (Recommended Reading)

    • Intro to Shoulder

    • Shoulder Assessment

    • Rotator Cuff Orthopedic Test Clusters

    • SLAP Lesion Orthopedic Test Clusters

    • AC Joint Pathology Ortho Test Clusters

    • Gleno-Humeral Instability Orthopedic Test Clusters

    • Glenoid Labrum Tear Orthopedic Test Clusters

    • Quadrilateral Space Syndrome and Analysis

  • 9

    FAKTR Treatment: Shoulder Complex

    • Static: Shoulder Complex

    • Motion: Shoulder Complex

    • Motion: Floss Application for the Shoulder

    • Motion: Shoulder Floss- Flexion w/o resistance

    • Motion: Shoulder Floss - Flexion with Theraband

    • Motion: Shoulder SubScap Release

    • Resistance: Shoulder Complex

    • Function: Shoulder Complex

    • Proprioception: Shoulder Complex

  • 10

    FAKTR Demonstrations from the Archive: Shoulder Complex

    • SHL Throwing motion

    • SHL Resisted ABD

    • Scap Retraction protraction

    • SHL ABD

    • SHL Active Flex (2)

    • SHL Active ABD

    • SHL Active Flex

    • SHL Active IR ER

    • SHL reach behind back

  • 11

    Biomechanical Taping of the Shoulder Complex

    • Upper Shoulder Application

    • Upper Limb Offload

    • Taping for Glenohumeral and AC Joint Instabilities

  • 12

    FAKTR Treatment: Elbow

    • FAKTR for the Elbow (Recommended Reading)

    • Intro to Elbow and Static Treatment

    • Motion: Elbow Floss- Application

    • Motion: Elbow Treatment

    • Resistance: Elbow Tyler Twist

    • Resistance: Reverse Tyler Twist

    • Elbow Floss- Flexion and Extension

    • Motion: Floss - Elbow Flexion/Extension

    • Resistance: Elbow Pronation and Supination

    • Function: Elbow

    • Proprioception: Elbow

  • 13

    FAKTR Demonstrations from the Archive: Elbow

    • Reverse Tyler Twist

    • Opening jars

    • Elbow ball squeeze

    • Elbow Coupled Motion

    • Elbow Coupled Motions 2

  • 14

    Biomechanical Taping for the Elbow

    • Taping Application: Wrist Extensor Support

    • Taping Application: Tennis Elbow

  • 15

    FAKTR Treatment: Wrist and Hand

    • FAKTR for the Wrist and Hand (Recommended Reading)

    • Intro to Wrist and Hand

    • Motion: Floss - Wrist Application

    • Motion: Wrist and Hand

    • Motion: Floss- Wrist Application with FAKTR XL

    • Motion: Floss XL- Wrist Active ROM

    • Resistance: Wrist and Hand

    • Function: Wrist and Hand

    • Function: Wrist and Hand

    • Proprioception: Wrist and Hand

  • 16

    Biomechanical Taping for the Wrist and Hand

    • DT Application: Thumb Taping

    • DT Application: Thumb Extension and Abduction

    • DT Application: Ulnar Wrist Derotation

    • DT Application: Mallet Finger

    • DT Application: Carpal Instability

    • DT Application: Carpal Tunnel

    • DT Application: Carpometacarpal

    • DT Application: Finger Ligament Support

  • 17

    FAKTR Assessments: Torso, Lumbars and Pelvis

    • FAKTR for the Torso, Lumbar and Pelvis (Recommended Reading)

    • Introduction to Torso, Lumbar and Pelvic Assessments

    • Breathing Assessment

    • Trunk Extension and Rotation

    • Maignes Syndrome Introduction and Testing

    • SI Joint Dysfunction Orthopedic Test Clusters

    • Thoraco-Lumbar Assessment Wrap-Up

  • 18

    FAKTR Treatment: Torso, Lumbar and Pelvis

    • Static: Standing Lumbar Treatment

    • Motion: Standing Lumbar Trtmt

    • Motion: Quadruped Treatment

    • Motion: Big 3 Exercises

    • Resistance: Hip-Hinge

    • Function: Farmers Carry and Tennis Swing

    • Function: Pallof Press

    • Proprioception: Torso, Lumbar and Pelvis

    • Case Study: Anthony Watson (Jamaican Skeleton Athlete)

  • 19

    FAKTR Demonstrations from the Archive: Torso, Lumbar Spine and Pelvis Treatment

    • LS lateral flexion with resistance

    • LS Lawnmower pull

    • LS Plank c X ext

    • LS resisted Flex-ext on Ijoy

    • LS resisted flex-ext

    • LS rotation with resistance 1

    • Abdominals on Ball

  • 20

    BioMechanical Taping for the Torso, Lumbar and Pelvis

    • Biomechanical Taping for the Lower Back

    • Biomechanical Taping for Back Extension

    • Biomechanical Taping for Abdominal Muscles

  • 21

    FAKTR Assessments: Hip, Thigh and Knee

    • FAKTR for the Hip Knee and Thigh (Recommended Reading)

    • Intro to HipKnee Assessment and Abduction

    • Assessment_Hip Abduction

    • Meniscus Tear Orthopedic Test Clusters

    • ACL Rupture Orthopedic Test Clusters

    • Hip Knee Assessment Wrap-Up

  • 22

    FAKTR Treatments: Hip, Thigh and Knee

    • Static: HipKnee Side-Lying

    • Motion: Hip, Knee and Thigh

    • Motion: Knee Floss- Application

    • Motion: Hip Floss- Application with FAKTR XL

    • Motion: Hip Floss - Bodyweight side lunge

    • Motion: Knee Floss- Front Lunge

    • Motion: Knee Floss- Bodyweight squats

    • Resistance: Hip, Knee and Thigh

    • Function: Nordic hamstrings and kicks

    • Proprioception: Hip Knee Quick Kicks

    • Case Study: MCL Tear

  • 23

    FAKTR Demonstrations from the Archive: Hip, Thigh and Knee Treatment

    • Hip 1 - Intro & Position

    • Hip 2 - Position Glute

    • Hip 3 - Position Psoas

    • Hip 4 - Position IT Band

    • Hip 5 - Movement Proprio Kicks

    • Hip 6 -Movement Psoas

    • Hip 7 - Movements Side Lying

    • Hip 8 - Resistance with Proprio Kicks

    • Hip 9 - Resistance in Extension

    • Hip 10- Resistance in Flexion

    • Hip 11 - Resistance Stepdown

    • Hip 12 - Resistance Psoas

    • Hip 13 - Functional Squat

    • Hip 14 - Functional Lunge

    • Hip 15 -Functional Hamstring Stretch

    • Hip 16 - Functional Piriformis Stretch

    • Hip 17 - Proprioception Squat

    • Hip 18 - Proprioception Lunge

    • Hip 19 -Proprioception Side Lunge

    • Hip 20 -Proprio Stepdown

    • Knee AROM Flex Ext

    • Knee extension

    • Knee supine knee ext against physioball

    • Thigh lunge on Bosu

    • Popliteus with Perfect pushup

    • Quad Standing Static Stretch

    • Thigh Lunge on Stability pad

    • Thigh standing knee ext

    • Thigh Side lunge on bosu

  • 24

    Biomechanical Taping for Hip, Knee and Thigh

    • DT Application: Patellafemoral Loop

    • DT Application: Knee Extension with Quad Offload

    • DT Application: Knee Extension with Patella Tendon Offload

    • DT Application: Knee Flexion Hamstring

    • DT Application: Knee Flexion

    • DT Application: Patellafemoral Sling

    • DT Application: Hip Adduction Internal Rotation

    • DT Application: Hip Extension Abduction External Rotation

    • DT Application: Hip Adduction Internal Rotation

    • DT Application: Medial Collateral of the Knee

  • 25

    FAKTR Assessments: Lower leg, Ankle and Foot

    • FAKTR for the Lower Leg, Ankle and Foot (Recommended Reading)

    • Intro to Ankle/Foot Assessment

    • Ankle/Foot Assessments

    • Ankle/Foot Dorsiflexion Assessment

  • 26

    FAKTR Treatment: Lower Leg, Ankle and Foot

    • Intro to Foot and Ankle

    • Motion: Ankle and Foot

    • Motion: Ankle Floss- Application

    • Motion: Ankle Floss- Self mobilization

    • Motion: Ankle Floss- Mobilization with power band

    • Resistance: Ankle and Foot

    • Function: Ankle/Foot on the Toe Pro

    • Function: Lower Leg, Ankle and Foot

    • Proprioception: Lower Leg, Ankle and Foot

    • Intro to Lower Leg

    • Motion: Lower Leg

    • Motion: Floss Calf Application

    • Motion: Floss Self-Application Floss XL

    • Motion: Floss XL Calf Raise

    • Resistance: Lower Leg

    • Function: Lower Leg

    • Case Study: Akwasi Frimpong (Skeleton Athlete (Ghana), 2018 Winter Olympics)

  • 27

    FAKTR Demonstrations from the Archive: Lower Leg, Ankle and Foot

    • Toes Active Flex Ext (3)

    • Toe raise on stability pad

    • Shin splints with standing dorsi

    • Propriokick ABD

    • Plantar Fascia with resistance

    • Lateral compartment

    • First Toe Flexion 2

    • Toe Active Flex/Ext

    • Toe Raise on Stability Pad

    • First Toe Ext on Stability Pad

  • 28

    Biomechanical Taping for the Lower Leg, Ankle and Foot

    • Effects of Arch Taping in Kinematics and Kinetics

    • Effects of Arch Taping on Dorsal Arch Height

    • Effects of Arch Taping on Medial Drift

    • DT Taping: Achilles Force Kilos

    • DT Application: Ankle Force Closure

    • Ankle Force in Lbs

    • DT Application: Arch Support

    • DT Application: Hallux Valgus

    • DT Application: Figure 8 Arch Support

    • DT Application: Arch Support

    • DT Application: Lateral Ankle Ligament Complex

    • DT Application: Plantar Flexion

  • 29

    FAKTR- Introduction to Upper Extremity Neuropathy

    • Upper Extremity Nerve Entrapments Part I

    • FAKTR Fundamentals - Upper Extremity Nerve Entrapments II

  • 30

    FAKTR Nerve Testing and Treatments - TOS

    • TOS Test 1 - Scalenes

    • TOS Treatment 1 - Scalenes

    • TOS Test 2 - Pectoralis Part 1

    • TOS Test 3 - Pectoralis Part 2

    • Tos Treatment 2 - Pectoralis

    • TOS Test 4- Axillary Fascia

    • TOS Treatment 3 - Axillary Fascia

  • 31

    FAKTR Nerve Testing and Treatments - Radial

    • Radial Nerve Test 1 - Supinator

    • Radial Nerve Treatment 1 - Supinator

    • Radial Nerve Test 2 - Supinator

    • Radial Nerve Test 2 - Brachioradialis

    • Radial Nerve Treatment 2 - Brachioradialis

    • Radial Nerve Test 3 - Triceps

    • Radial Nerve Treatment 3 - Triceps

    • Radial Nerve Test 4 - Triangular Space

    • Radial Nerve Treatment 4 - Triangular Space

  • 32

    FAKTR Nerve Testing and Treatment - Median

    • Median Nerve Test 1- TCL

    • Median Nerve Treatment 1 - TCL

    • Median Nerve Test 2 - FCR_PB

    • Median Nerve Treatment 2 - FCR_PB

    • Median Nerve Test 3 - Pronator Teres

    • Median Nerve Treatment 3 - Pronator Teres

    • Median Nerve Test 4 - Lacertus Fibrosis

    • Median Nerve Treatment 4 - Lacertus Fibrosis

    • Median Nerve Test 5 - Ligament of Struthers

  • 33

    FAKTR Nerve Testing and Treatment - Ulnar

    • Ulnar Nerve Test 1 - Tunnel of Guyon

    • Ulnar Nerve Treatment 1 - Tunnel of Guyon

    • Ulnar Nerve Test 2 - FCU Distal

    • Ulnar Nerve Treatment 2 - FCU Distal

    • Ulnar Nerve Test 3- FCU Proximal

    • Ulnar Nerve Treatment 3 - FCU Proximal

    • Ulnar Nerve Test 4 - Cubital Tunnel

    • Ulnar Nerve Treatment 4 - Cubital Tunnel

    • Ulnar Nerve Test 5 - Intermuscular Septum

    • Ulnar Nerve Treatment 5 - Intermuscular Septum

  • 34

    FAKTR Cupping Applications

    • Cupping Selection

    • Static Cupping and Transition to Cupping with Motion

    • Shoulder Cupping Application

    • Dynamic Cupping

    • Cupping Application: Maigne's Syndrome

  • 35


    • FAKTR Final Exam - Diagnostic

  • 36


    • Post-Course Survey (Required for CE Credit)

    • Final Step - Request your CE Certificate Here


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