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  • 12 Course Modules

    Learn through a series of presentations, recorded lectures and demonstration videos complete with advanced flossing applications with resistance or the additional of exercise balls for greater targeted compression.

  • 2 Contact Hours

    This course offers up to 2 CE hours in virtual, on-demand learning. Please see the CE Approvals page for specific states and professions.

  • Who Can Take This Course?

    This course is open to healthcare providers, manual therapists and fitness professionals, rehab technicians and chiropractic assistants.

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Course curriculum

    1. How to use this course

    1. Introduction Video to FAKTR Compression Flossing

    1. FAKTR Floss shoulder application

    2. Shoulder Floss Application with TheraBand Hand Ball

    3. Shoulder Floss with Flexion (without resistance)

    4. Shoulder Floss with External Rotation in neutral (no resistance)

    5. Shoulder Floss with Ext Rotation at 90 degrees (no resistance)

    6. Shoulder Floss with Flexion using a TheraBand

    7. Shoulder Floss with Abduction using TheraBand

    8. Shoulder Floss with Ext Rotation using TheraBand

    9. Shoulder Floss with Int Rotation using a TheraBand

    10. Shoulder Floss Overhead Press with TheraBand

    11. Shoulder Floss Seatbelt Exercise using a TheraBand

    1. Brachium Floss Application

    2. Brachium Application with Elbow Flexion using a TheraBand

    3. Brachium Floss using a TheraBand Ball

    4. Brachium Floss with Pin and Stretch

    5. Brachium Floss with Elbow Extension using a TheraBand

    1. FAKTR Floss elbow application

    2. Elbow Floss with Passive ROM using a TheraBand Hand ball

    3. Elbow Floss with Active Flexion and Extension (no resistance)

    4. Elbow Floss pin and stretch using a TheraBand Ball

    1. Wrist Floss Application

    2. Wrist Floss Application with FAKTR XL bands

    3. Wrist Floss with Passive Mobility

    4. Wrist Floss with Active ROM using FAKTR XL band

    5. Wrist Floss with Active Extension using a TheraBand

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